Vehicle Donations As a Means for Helping Non-Profit Organizations

by: James M Peterson

Vehicle donations are an effective way of contributing to non-profit organizations and charities that need help. When people donate vehicles, they can help raise funds for specific projects or help sustain an organization. All this involves a convenient process, which requires minimum effort but gives fantastic results.

One of the first things donors should do is to find an organization that specializes in this type of contributions. These specialists will be able to handle everything for the donor, from the initial papers to the release of the vehicle. Once registered, the organization will send someone to pick up the donor's car, which will then be sold at auction. The proceeds of the sale will go directly to the charity of choice. If a donor's car does not get sold at auction, it can be sold for scrap instead and the proceeds will still go to charity. If sold at a high enough price, the donor stands to receive a tax write-off from the IRS.

Donating your car is not only easy, but also good for the owner. Aside from the mentioned tax benefit, donors are not troubled with the hassle of selling their used car on their own. In some cases, it is also too expensive to have it repaired, as compared to just getting a new one.

There are a number of organizations throughout the country that can process vehicle donations for charities and other non-profit organizations. By donating your old car and putting it back on the road for someone else to use, you can help others with little cost and effort.