Top 10 FAQs About Car Donation

by: Amy Elder

Have a car donation question?  Look no further.  Below you will find the top 10 frequently asked questions about car donations.

1. What kinds of vehicles can I donate?

We accept car, truck, SUV, van, boat, RV, trailer, pop-up camper, jet ski, motorcycle, and airplane donations.  Want to donate a vehicle you don't see on the list?  Give us a call - we accept almost every vehicle you can think of.

2. Can I still donate my vehicle even if it hasn't run in years?

Yes!  Even if you vehicle stopped running years ago, we will still accept it!  We accept vehicles in all conditions.

3. Can you briefly explain the vehicle donation process?

Sure.  The vehicle donation process is super quick and simple.  You get in contact with us and we ask you a couple questions.  These questions include information like your contact information, the make and model of the vehicle to be donated, and where the car is located.  We do all the rest - from arranging a towing company to pick up our car to delivering you the paperwork used for tax benefit purposes.

4. How do I get my vehicle to you?

You have two options.  If the car is in good running order, you may drive it to our location.  If you would prefer not to drive the vehicle to us, we will arrange for your vehicle to be picked up by a towing company at your convenience, with no cost to you.  The pick-up will occur anytime from 24-72 hours after you have contacted us to donate your vehicle.

5. Is my car donation tax deductable?

Yes, your car donation can be tax deductable.  However, in order to qualify for the tax deduction, you must itemize deductions on your taxes.

6. What paperwork do I need in order to donate my vehicle?

You need the a title of the vehicle.  The title of the vehicle must be clear and in your name in order to donate.

7. What happens to my vehicle after I donate?

The vehicles are brought on location and scheduled to be sold at auction.   After the auction occurs, the money generated from the sale of the vehicle is used to further Goodwill's mission.

8. Why do you ask for a social security number?

It is required by the IRS for tax purposes to legitimize that you indeed donated the vehicle to the specific charity involved.

9. I won't be able to be there when my car is scheduled to get picked up by the towing company.  What should I do about the title and the keys?

No worries.  Just let us know ahead of time if you won't be able to be there when your car is towed and make sure that you leave the title and the car keys in the vehicle.

10. I want to donate!  Where can I get more information?

Fantastic!  For a more detailed account of the car donation process, check out out the 5 steps to donate a car.