Salvation Army Car Donation

by: David Millers

Since 1880 the Salvation Army has been looking for new and innovative ways to receive funding for their cause. Their Car Donation Program is one of the most effective. When looking to donate a used car, there is no better organization than the Salvation Army. With their multiple locations nation wide, donating a car is a easy, tax-deductible, and gives money to an important cause.

One of the great benefits of the Salvation Army Car Donation program is that they take and process any car, even if it no longer runs. Better yet, they will tow the car at no charge. The program also allows local drop offs at their many sites in the area. Once towed, the Salvation Army will auction the car to help fund their other programs, such as their drug and alcohol rehabilitation program located in Northern Virginia.

Besides cars, the program will also take trucks, SUV's, boat, trailers, RV's, and small planes. Contact them if the condition or make and model of the car might give some doubt on a successful donation.

A word of caution with this donation program. If the title of the car is not in the donor's name, they cannot accept the donation. If the title is lost, be sure to get a replacement at a local Department of Motor Vehicles. All donations are tax-deductible and will result in an amount that is equal to the amount sold at auction. The Salvation Army will alert the donor of the selling price.

If donating cars to this organization seems right, feel free to contact them through their car donation program. Call their toll free number at 1-800-95 TRUCK to speak to someone today.