Breast Cancer Car Donation - Donate Your Vehicle, Help Find a Cure

by: Isaac MacIntosh

Breast cancer is a fairly common disease that affects millions of women and, while rare, some men too! Even indirectly, this disease affects men who must care for their spouses and loved ones as they undergo treatment. You may be familiar with several types of fundraising efforts to support research on finding the cure, but chances are that you haven't heard about donating your automobile to support the cause.

How Car Donation Works

If you're planning on donating your vehicle, the charitable organization takes your car away, and gets it tuned up so that it runs reasonably well. Or in some cases, they just let it be how it is, and let its buyer fix it up. Then they put together a charity auction, and let someone buy the car that you donated. Once this happens, the money the charity makes goes straight into awareness, prevention, and research. You will have to check directly with your charity of choice to determine if you can donate a vehicle that is not currently running - while some charities allow this, others do not. Vehicle donations are typically tax-deductible from the IRS perspective so make sure to keep all receipts documenting your charitable contribution.

Where To Donate Your Car For Breast Cancer Research

Even if only in passing, you've probably heard of several charities in support of breast cancer prevention and research, most notably the Susan G. Komen Foundation and National Breast Cancer Foundation. And even more recently, actress Christina Applegate launched her own charity, Right Action for Women, which provides financial aid for MRIs to women at high-risk due to genetic and lifestyle factors. While you can donate your money, time, or corporate stock, there is a short list of charities where you can donate your vehicle. Some of these include the United Breast Cancer Foundation.

The money that the charitable organization makes from selling off your car can actually do a great deal to help people survive having breast cancer. Only 20 years or so ago, being diagnosed with breast cancer was all but a death sentence. Nowadays, if you go to an event like the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, you can see literally thousands of people who have survived breast cancer, and are briskly making their way toward a ripe old age. And to an extent, breast cancer car donation has been the tipping point in finding sufficient funds to keep researching, both on the early detection side and on the effective treatment end... which is what makes such a large number of survivors possible in the first place.

So, to put it one way, car donation to support this cause is much more than just a "feel good" way to get a tax deduction for yourself. By donating your car to a charitable organization, you have the chance to affect the lives of thousands of people. For all you know, the few hundred bucks that the charity makes off of your car could actually be the tipping point toward producing a solid, workable cure. Your car could save more than just a few breasts (hopefully an even number); your car could save lives, years down the line.