American Lung Association Charitable Car Donation - Save Lungs by Ditching Your Used Car!

by: Isaac MacIntosh

The title of this article might be just a tad misleading. On the one hand, it is a good idea for most of us to stop driving cars and either walk, take public transportation or ride bicycles to wherever we happen to be going. However, for many people, that idea is either not feasible, or simply does not register on an emotional level. So, even if we can not stop polluting the air by no longer driving cars all over the place, we can do a lot to help the lungs of a lot of people, by participating in the American Lung Association car donation program.

In an American Lung Association car donation, all you basically have to do is call up your local office, and inform them that you have an old car you would like to be rid of and donate to the cause of preventing lung cancer. At the time they will schedule with you, they will come and pick up the car, so that they can take it back to their storage facility temporarily. Once it is there, they will contract with a mechanic to inspect it, and potentially fix the most glaring problems. The intention is to sell the car you donate at an auction, and to have the money it and other cars raise go to all sorts of lung health related programs.

While the American Lung Association car donation you make will not make all of the difference, it will raise enough money to fund a few programs that may help prevent our youth from becoming addicted to cigarettes later in life. And it may be enough to get a few "stop smoking" aids into the hands of a few adults who know they should not smoke, but who just find it really hard to kick the habit. And that can have some very far reaching implications.

Consider that it can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars down the line to treat someone who has lung cancer. And if they do not have insurance (as many millions of Americans do not), those costs will fall squarely on the shoulders of tax payers like you. So if you donate a car that you could probably only sell for $1,000 or so, and its sale ends up raising enough money to keep only a handful of people from smoking, you may be saving society (and yourself) millions of dollars... by stopping a problem before it even exists.