American Diabetes Association Car Donation Program - Stop Diabetes in Its Tracks

by: Isaac MacIntosh

Unfortunately, diabetes is a huge, raging epidemic in this country that affects millions of Americans and shortens millions of lives. From Type I diabetes that people are typically born with to Type II diabetes which is linked with poor diet, lack of exercise, and excessive consumption of sugar (Did you know that children are the fastest rising cases of Type II diabetes? Twenty years ago this was practically unheard of!), there is a demonstrated need for further research, prevention, and intervention treatments for those living with diabetes. And you don't need a degree or experiencing in fundraising to make a contribution. Your car donation to the American Diabetes Association(ADA) can help to save lives. In this article, you will learn more about why vehicle donation to the ADA is a worthy cause and how the dollars from your car sold at auction can help to prevent suffering from this terrible disease.

Why Your Vehicle Donation Is Needed

Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans have diabetes related problems of all different varieties. Heart disease, strokes, the loss of the use of limbs and blindness can all be the side effects that individuals suffer that come out of having diabetes. People can lapse into diabetic comas, and can die in all sort of terrible ways, just from having a disease that is very frequently preventable and completely avoidable. And in a way, you and other people can stop this problem by making car donations to the ADA. You might be wondering how this is possible.

For one thing, by making car donations to the ADA, you facilitate research into ways to combat diabetes. The more we know about this terrible disease, the better we can nip it in the bud by discovering and treating it in the earliest stages. And beyond that, once diabetes has progressed to a level at which it becomes a serious health threat, its treatment can become downright costly. If we can stop diabetes from its roots, the problem can be averted and great health can be maintained.

How Your Vehicle Donation Supports the ADA

And you can actually help to fight this war (and yes, it is a war), just through car donations to the ADA. It really is pretty incredible how much you can do, just through giving your car to a charitable organization. Through auctioning off your car to someone who can use it to make their lives better, the ADA will take that money and use it for research and education campaigns. This, in turn, will potentially help a host of people who might later be diabetic to avoid that fate... or help to get necessary medical supplies and knowledge to those who already are. Your car can save lives!